Monday, January 29, 2024

public forced isolation

No more masks for you
You won't be forced to vaccinate 
It's your right to spread disease
Passively killing in your wake

Those old "Ugly Laws" are gone
But you still actively shun us
Put the burden of health on us
Believe only the fit should survive

You don't want to see us
Or understand our experience 
Thinking about us is tiring 
It's just easier if we are invisible

One day you will be old
And age will probably bring disability 
But that is for future you to know
Current you prefers your ignorance.

Monday, January 22, 2024

supposedly imagined pain

The stories goes that I'm faking
My discomfort isn't real
Women make such a big deal 
And fat women deserve it
And black women don't feel it
They suggest I'm malingering
And I'm seeking attention
I should, "learn to live with it"
They say mental illness isn't painful 
Nor is rejection or loneliness
The fact that it's persistant
Makes it less believable 
Only a doctor can define it
And throw a pill at it to cure it
But even without treatement
If only I would believe myself better
If only I was tough enough
Then I could stop my chronic pain.

Monday, January 15, 2024

bootstrap envy

I envy the priveledge of bootstraps
The social ability to foster connection
The physical stamina to work extra
The attractive features to fit in
The backing of family and friends
The access to education and training
Toss in some luck and persistance
And you say, "That's all it takes!"
(To become a rare success story)
But I don't envy your ignorance
You can't see your own priveledge.

Monday, January 8, 2024

bias of the medical model

I use the term "medical model"
As a short hand for doctors are limited
Because they focus on broad strokes
They only believe the statistical norm
Focusing on tests and clear patterns 
A set of specific diagnosis criteria
So if symptoms are varied and vauge
They are likely to say nothing is wrong
Or to suggest "it's in your head"
They're not searching for an oulier
We're not the exception to the rule
Patients are stupid and uninformed
Doctors the authoritative expert
And we should trust their declaration
Believe them over our own body.

Monday, January 1, 2024

losing priveledge

You are losing something
The extra you have isn't yours
It was unfair when was given to you
Distributed unequally at birth
And now it feels unfair to loose it
Like you're being stolen from
But you are returning stolen goods
The fair part is you sharing
Giving up the extra you have
So that everyone can have some.