Monday, August 28, 2023

quiet quit is my baseline

The way they exploit you
Is the reason they won't hire me
When you work all those unpaid hours
When you give above and beyond
I can't live up to that expectation
You hustle to get a possible raise
I'm struggling to give what's required
You network with all the right people
I stand out because of my limitations
Exploitation isn't fair to either of us
Our worth isn't in dollars and cents
You can quiet quit and still have a job
I'm lucky they're not looking for cause
I wish you would act your wage.

Monday, August 21, 2023

approval after the fact

If you hear my story
And then you feel for me
Where was your compassion
When you saw me as the villain?

Why do I have to explain
That life is hard and traumatic
For you to try and understand me
What does that say about you?

If you think strange is awful
And difference is unacceptable 
You are always going to judge me
You will still want to change me

If I haven't hurt you
And I'm not out to harm you
Then I'm not the one who's wrong
My compassion isn't conditional.

Monday, August 14, 2023

burnt flavor

Idle lips seek my ears
An exchange of vicious banter
Cringe isn't just in what you do
It's also in what you splatter

I avoid the burnt flavor you bring
As you season the world bitter
I can seek a sweeter taste
Avoid the twisted taste you deliver

Your art can be a saucy critique 
A smug feeling that you're better
While I enjoy my grateful life
Writen in a complimentary letter.

Monday, August 7, 2023

resigned to pride

My frenemy, disability
This is my uninvited guest
A squatter in my body
My long term companion

It can come at any time
And no one is safe
You may not know it's there
And it's rarely predictable

Nearly impossible to get rid of
Even making it behave is a struggle
So we adjust where we can
An suffer through the rest

Yes I've come to accept it
I'm even proud I love with it
But that doesn't mean I like it
Or that anyone else should want it.