Thursday, July 27, 2023

mythical money monster

How can you have a billion dollars
And still claim to be human
You are more a mythical creature
Hoarding multiple lifetimes of money
Trading our lives as commodities 
They say absolute power corrupts 
And you are a unimaginable monster
You con us to do more for less
Rent us property on stollen land
Charge extra for our necessities
Trade our livelihood like collectibles 
How you disconnect yourself from us
How you desensitize yourself from us
You must be delusional not to see us
You wear our skin, looking like us,
But you can't win with compassion
You can't own us if you know our pain
Being a billionaire isn't ethical
My words punch up at your morality
You make yourself seperate from us
Hoarding a mountain of gold, a throne,
A dragon kills with its breath
Like a billionaire steals without effort
Your mythic existence exploits us.