Monday, July 31, 2023

not the real you

I don't know you
Because you don't want me to
You hide away the real you
Behind what others expect

Your performance is perfected 
The person you think I want
You were trained well to hide
But I can see your walls are up

It's not for lack of my trying 
Showing an active interest
Grilling you like an interview 
Trying to coax you out

You're not evading my disdain
If you were to be real with me
It'd be no different than now
I definitely don't like the fake you.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

mythical money monster

How can you have a billion dollars
And still claim to be human
You are more a mythical creature
Hoarding multiple lifetimes of money
Trading our lives as commodities 
They say absolute power corrupts 
It's cliche how you prove this true
You con us to do more for less
Rent us property on stollen land
Charge extra for our necessities
Trade our livelihood like collectibles 
You wear our skin, looking like us,
As you disconnect yourself from us
You can't own us if you know our pain
As you desensitize yourself from us
You don't feel compassion as you win
Being a billionaire isn't ethical
My words punch up at your morality
You make yourself seperate from us
Hoarding a mountain of gold, a throne,
A dragon kills with its breath
Like a billionaire steals without effort
Your mythic existence exploits us.

Monday, July 24, 2023

replace guns with therapy

Mass murderers are mostly men
They use guns to speak their feelings
Anger being the feeling they're allowed
They take out their disapointment
Their frustration and resentment
Punishing the world as they leave it
Destroying any chance of escape
In an act of violent suicide.

Monday, July 17, 2023

accessibility for all

What if we had equanimity
And accessibility was for all
What if cost was never an argument
We got what we need to do our job
What if productivity was not a value
And they forced us to self care
What if they prioritized our life
And made space for workers needs
What if they didn't make us compete 
And they created a spot for anyone
What if they saw us as irreplaceable 
They were eager to keep us around
What if they saw us as people first
Not dollars and cents on a bottom line
What if we could exist without them
So they never got to exploit us
What if these weren't "what if's"
They were rights instead of wishes.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Self Advocate

You call me an armchair expert
I call me a patient advocate
My persistent research
And being active in my care
Is my superpower, not a fault

You have years of education
But I'm an expert on my body
I know what I'm feeling
My medical history is memory
I don't get to ignore my symptoms

You can run standard tests
And give up if they fail
You can tell me nothings wrong
But your failure to diagnose 
Doesn't change things for me

So let's agree to disagree
When you decide dismiss me
Even if you've given up
I still live in this body
This puzzle comes with me.

Monday, July 3, 2023

why the questions?

What does disability look like?
What does a faker look like?
Why are you so suspicious?
Why is your nose in my business?
Why do you demand an explination?
What is the value of your judgement?
Who said I care what you think?
Who made you think you know me?
Why am I even talking to you?