Monday, November 28, 2022

earned distrust

I don't trust boys or men
My individual distrust isn't fair
But it's based on sound evidence
Why are the few judged by the many
It's because the few don't act
Passively participating is still doing
Listening silently is implicit support
Yes, I'm suggesting radical acts
Men must police other men
Because men don't defer to women
Being womanly is an insult to men
When you truly respect someone
You want to emulate them
Until men want to be like women
I'm an angry feminist
Because their gender leans to harm
And my gender is considered lesser.

Monday, November 21, 2022


I don't chase perfection
I dont even try
I sit still on the grass
And stare at the imperfect sky

The world is so muddy
Why try to stay dry
Puddles are for stomping
Mats to wipe the dirt goodbye

Sometimes I'm foolish
Don't feed me that polite lie
I see flaws in my reality
And my comfort is the right size.

Monday, November 14, 2022

private perception

I can't see through your eyes
I don't know what role I play
In your story I could be the villian 
Or I could be the Saint
You might see me as perfect
Or an example of failure
My fault is being curious
Imaging stories of your perception
It's none of my business 
Your thoughts of me are private 
I need to focus on how I define me
Be less concerned with what you see.

Monday, November 7, 2022

opposite doesn't mean opposition

Different is painful
It can seem like an attack
Opposite can feel like opposition
When, in reality, its not about you
You're judging yourself by my choices
And being mad because you don't fit
You're not the center of my universe
Anymore than I am the center of yours
My choices don't stomp out yours 
And I won't let your life define mine
Try to see yourself seperate from me
At a distance of worlds apart
You'll realize we won't collide 
I'm not even tugging at your gravity
We're not objects that rotate in sync
We're in seperate solar systems.

Friday, November 4, 2022

special for a while

I was special for a moment
They treated me different 
Like I was bright and shiny 
And then the shine wore off
Suddenly I was tarnished
Just another person to blame
To receive their dismissal and disdain 
They looped me in with all the rest
A failure to their perfection test
Because everyone was always wrong
While they were always right.