Monday, September 12, 2022

men don't like women

Men don't like womanliness
They want access to our bodies
They put a number on our desirability
But they're repelled by the thought
Of a man being like a woman
Feminine traits are not respectable 
They see our value as care givers
Our value as a doting companion
But they don't emulate our femininity 
They like us to be soft and compliant
Desire us young, innocent, and virginal 
They want to protect and dominate us
But they don't invite us as equals
They think consent is implied
Where spoken "no" is an unspoken "yes"
Like we don't know our own minds
The subtext of "happy wife, happy life"
Is a contract where they're entitled
Where sex is something withheld
Ourbody is a payment that is owed
The medicine of the feminine
Is a pill they take resentfully
We are are an itch they must scratch
An unplesant burden they must endure
Not something they'd ever want to become.