Monday, December 27, 2021

suffer the introvert

Mingling is abhorrent
Torture of the introvert
A room full of strangers
Filling space with polite words
As if the air shouldn't be empty
Awkward introductions
Iike a poorly timed cold call
Leading to stilted exchanges
The funny ones perform
And the shy ones hover
And I just sit in my corner
Waiting for the gathering to end.

Monday, December 20, 2021


Entitled is a companion of priveledge
A mistaken belief that the world is fair
An accusation suggesting there is a right
But the world is a complex system
And there is no proven design
We're a cog in this invisible machine
Can't predict when a wrench is thrown in
Or unexpected deviation from the norm
The metaphoric world doesn't care
You may have support to stop your suffering 
But that bring us back to priveledge
Priveledge isn't the world being right or fair
This is the world tilted in your favor
Entitlement is the belief that tilt is owed.

Monday, December 6, 2021

value of a penny

Capitalism and colinization
Fancy words for money and power
We own, and merge, and buyout
Then promote the owners like it's a gift
Appropriate what we can't destroy
Destroy the parts that don't get along
Bland consumerism is the peak
Thinking our entitled selves are unique
A few live on the work of many
The many suffer the value of a penny.