Sunday, October 10, 2021

Which Witch

The mistake was believing in magic
The cat knew this, the human was oblivious
Lady smelled of sandlewood oil
With hints of laundry soap and human skin
Even in the fragrant outdoor garden 
Cat could smell her human
On an alter with precious knick knacks
Lady focused her attention
The cat took pity on the powerless human
With a loving rub of feline scent
Cat let Lady sway the world a tiny bit
This wasn't rabbit or dog or bird power
It was the sneaky magic of a cat
The fiercly loyal love of a feral feline
Not that any human would notice
Brains get in the way of intuition
Magic is animal, a knowing without thinking
So Lady went on with her ritual
As Cat stalked a beam of sunlight
Lady thought of cat as her familiar
But only cat knew who held the power.