Sunday, September 5, 2021


Fat is just a word
But it's taken as offense
Thin is just a word
But it's taken as a compliment 

My size is somehow valued
Appearance a rank of worth
When I'm accused of being fat
I'm supposed to be hurt

But what if I view my body
On my own terms and conditions
What if I can see my body positively
And reject your derision 

I ask you to give up your judgement
I live as an example of fat liberation
I show you how I found love for myself
On my journey of size acceptance 

You may call this glorifying obesity
And I may call you fatphobic
Now those words sit between us
We've both built this roadblock

I'm glorifying self acceptance 
I'm setting these clear boundaries
My journey rejects your judgement
You can't take away my self esteem.