Saturday, March 27, 2021

ad hominem attack

I often misspell
And my grammar sucks
My brain looses words
And my mouth mispronounces
My details are an easy target
If you are looking to attack
Search no further than the surface
I can't compete academically 
Because I don't want to win debate
I seek to understand deeply
I try to have an informed opinion
I'm willing to learn when I'm wrong
I understand I don't know everything
But I'm more studied than most
So I feel confident in my thought
Even if my presentation is flawed.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

oblivious to school

In Elementary three girls teased me
Asking why I wore pants in the summer 
And dresses in the winter
I shugged in answer to their mockery

In Junior High a girl tried to intimidate me
She got aggressively in my face
I walked away and simply avoided her
More confused than scared or angry

Between a complicated home life
Truant officers and sickly absenteeism
And special needs classrooms
School hierarky never made an impression

I didn't envy those who fit in
because I didn't notice their power
I was an oblivious weirdo loner
With my own drama seperate from them.