Saturday, January 30, 2021

men don't get it

It's impossible to change another
Arguing they should alter their beliefs
Only makes them dig their heels in
Suggesting they harm unintentionally
Makes them argue their innocence
And the worst offenders are men

Men are taught to win at all costs
To fight any chance they get
They are taught power is a priority
Never compromise and avoid compassion
Because those are womanly traits
And women are the opposite of men

So, a feminist trying to speak to a man
Is fighting both nature and nurture
Nature that makes humans resist change
Nurture that taught men to never loose
I don't hold hope for my generation of men
Maybe we can teach the next batch

I don't want men to be my enemy
But I also don't think we owe them sex
All boys are accountable for their behavior
Rape is inexcusable, consent is required
Cheating and lying are intentional
Gender isn't an excuse for wrong behavior.