Friday, January 15, 2021


Do you know what I hate
that feeling that creeps up inside me
the knowledge that I can't read your mind
It's built on a foundation of insecurity
and the thoughts I've let stray

I have to count on you loving me
even if you never say
after years of words passed 
between our lips on the air
I see it stalking me in the distance
that ugliness called fear

There isn't one heart here
there's ten, maybe twenty
a heard of things unspoken
and the decisions you've made about me
without even consulting me

It's paranoia.  After all these years
to think my forest might leave me
the insanity that stalks me
to believe your actions might change
when you walk around me, consistently.

If I were pleading to one person
one mind or one soul, perhaps they're be hope
instead I plea to the lot of you
the group of you, the family I've made
Don't leave me.