Monday, January 18, 2021

all the years

all the years
compounded by all those tears
made real by persistent memories
and lessons hard learned
lead to now

it's easier to doubt
when the world is so harsh
and the people inconsistent
their rational mislead
than to hold onto youthful optimism

I thought this was growth
the growing up part
we're told it's a good thing
that it leads to wisdom
and self-assurance

but sometimes it feels like a cancer
a malignant mass of memories
an awareness that the world isn't pure
and even the good things
are tainted by good meaning

it's the one's that think best
that know without doubt
and know their right
no matter what
those zealots, they truly scare me

so, what has age given me?
but an awareness that faith
is so frail, so delicate
that it often disintegrates
in the face of reality

The hopefulness of youth
is being beat down
by the doubt of age
because truth is a harsh mistress.