Monday, October 26, 2020

happy to say i walked away

Words like "angry", "resentful", "righteous"
Group think makes them infectious
One bad apple spoils the bunch
One mean girl sets the tone
When ladies gang up, I don't take part
If a friend is cruel, I rethink that friend
I may not fight for what's right
But I don't put up with what's wrong
My silence and absence is active
Being right can be lonely
But I won't let ugly infect me
the on thing I can say is
I'm brave enough to walk away.

Monday, October 19, 2020

three boys

I lost my innocence to three boys
One who kissed my best friend
One who dared me in the dark
And one who presumed marraige

The first boy was my first crush
He kissed her because I dared him
I wanted him to dare me back
But their kiss became the story

The second boy liked me first
He dared me to grope him
Mother interrupted our daring
He lost interest soon after

The third boy was actually my first
First kiss, first love, first fuck
After my deflowering he declared marriage
But I had a world of fucks ahead of me

I'm not sure I had innocence
That I lost or they stole
Three boys took what I offered
I eagerly sought what they gave.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

feelings together

Trapped a feeling
Put it into words
Shared it online
So your feelings
Would have company.

letting myself cry

Tears washed out the chemicals in my brain
Poured out the feeling making me insane
Couldn't stop the world from spinning
But lifted the weight pinning me down
Tommorow the world gets heavy, again
But tonight I sleep a little lighter.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

hold my hand in the aftermath

I can be my own prince
Drag my own ass out of the fire
Make my own money
Buy my own toys
But its lonely on my own
I wish I had a partner to hold my hand
To listen after I've taken care of business
Who wants my strong and mighty self
Even when I'm not pretty or girly
I want to loved, not saved.