Tuesday, June 30, 2020

theory into practice

Ideas abound
Untested theories to try
But the practical steps 
Are not always so easy
There are books to read
But learning is limited by words
A model is a representation
Even a blueprint is on paper
Doing teaches us better
But adults are expected to know
Not to explore like a clumsy child
Failure is the freedom to try again
But forgiveness is rare
And mentors hard to find
All that left is persistence
The willingness to look foolish
To find a lessons in mistake
To keep trying regardless of reward.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

yearning for new grass

Daily watering the same brown patch
Investing hope in a color change
The lack of difference is exausting

The hints and promises of new growth
As the weeds get taller and grass dies
Endless false starts grind away hope

The grass isn't always greener
But maybe a new start can wake us up
Maybe fresh hope is enough.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

people change for themselves

People can change
But they change for themselves
And they often don't try to change
It is a natural, unexpected evolution

There comes a point when
The promise of future change is a lie
Where the pattern of actual behavior
Is clear and inescapable

At some point it's time 
to stop believing words repeated
To recognize actions as answers
To think about your power to choose

If you pin your future on another
You are at the behest if their behavior
If you choose your power of choice
You may not wait for change in another.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

personal apocalypse

That sick moment 
when you realize the ugly truth
That you've invested yourself
In something that has no future

Where you stubbornly held faith
Sacrificed pieces of yourself
Gave into one sided compromise
For something that didn't work

Suddenly, after so long,
You can't keep from seeing it
The truth slaps you in the face
And the sun won't let you sleep

You don't want to give up
You hate the idea of giving in
But you can't stand where you are
You ache to move forward

So you dive into the unknown
Gamble on the risk of worse
To relieve the pain of foolish
You choose a new costume.

Friday, June 5, 2020

not on the picket line

I always knew I wouldn't be out
If true unrest came to my time
And now it's come to pass
In my safe bubble I feel anxiety
As I watch the world outside burn
Sacrifice is the precursor to equity
What they do is better than me
There is no excuse for my priveledge
I won't justify my passivity
In my heart, I support those protesting
In my words, I support human rights
But, no, I'm not on the front lines.