Saturday, May 23, 2020

liar liar

Why do you lie frivolusly?
Throwing out half truths 
With no real purpose
Why don't you speak true,
When asked directly?

You say one thing
And then behave opposite
I don't see your hidden purpose
I dont know your unspoken logic
And I've dared to ask for both

You just don't make sense
I want to give you the benefit
I'm fighting my persistant doubt
My fault is in looking for good
When the evidence points to bad

I dont want to dismiss you completely
But I'm strugglig to see
The value you bring
The benefit of you
It's sad, really.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

not my tantrum

If I've stated my case
Tried to be clear more than once
And you still won't listen
I concede to your stuborn

Indifference is cruel
A worse punishment than anger
It's not my business to fix you
It's my right to go silent

I don't reward bad behavior
I don't participate in stupid
I don't have to fight
Just because I'm right

You keep flailing at the wind
As I calmly walk away
You can have the win
I choose my own peace.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

supporting cast

Some of us are not the first choice
Not the significant other
Not even the best friend
Some of us are supporting cast
We may be the lead in our own story
But have no lines in another's
Maybe we're a lone wolf
Which sounds really romantic
Except for the separate part
The table for one part
The feeling like an outcast part
Some of us even prefer the quiet
A single bed in a studio apartment
A noted lack of roomates
No disruptions or chaos
Being alone isn't all bad
It's being lonely that sucks
Not knowing who to call
Not having holiday plans
Not being an emergency contact
Some of us know we arent the favorite
And this is the introverts dilemma
Maintaining much needed relationships
While sustaining much needed space.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

a biased animal

Embracing plurality is hard
The human animal likes familiar
Perfection is a false belief
True acceptance an ongoing battle
We are humans, not robots
We live with emotion 
And individual perception
The best we can do
Is aim to know our bias
Try to understand our priveledge
Forgive our mistakes
Keep striving for wisdom
The complication keeps us alive
Too much same is boring
Our difference makes us beautiful.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

putting aside anger

My anger lives in me
That means I have a choice
I can choose to kick it out
Or make it go to its room
Or try to calm it with reason
My anger doesn't control me
I don't have to feed its fire
I don't have to drink its poison
Sure, there are things I can't fix
Awful things in this world
Things unfair, that hurt my heart
But I can choose how I feel
I can decide on forgiveness
And compassion and calm
I can make living with myself easier
By deciding to be the better person
Making anger an infrequent visitor.

toxic masculinity

You tighten the screws on you nuts
And wonder why your dick hurts
We tell you unscrewing is an option
And you add weight to the aparatus

You wonder why love isn't yours
As your lonely dick spewes hate
When we tell you love comes from love
You demand to be worshiped

Its hard to forgive the unrepentant
Impossible to teach the stubornly stupid
Sometimes we have to save ourselves
From the toxic perpetraited by your sex.

quietly defiant

Faith is not changed through fact
Belief is belligerent and stubborn
Fighting face to face is fruitless
People change only for themselves
How do we persist without impatience
When the war we want to win
It about bringing both sides together
I can quietly persist in my defiance
My defiance can be faith in humanity
My belief can be that science saves us
My forgiveness will be for everyone.