Friday, April 3, 2020

not hero or villain, just human

I don't want to be your inspiration
you can’t reduce my experience
To heroic or pathetic
I am no cardboard cutout
I am layers of complicated
Like any human on this planet

"At least you have your health."
A basic precept we hear
But what if I don’t
What if my mind and body
Don’t follow the norm

My symptoms are inconsistent 
I live in a body I can’t count on
My discomfort isn’t always pain
Pain implies a specific thing to fix
Post-exertion malaise and general anxiety
Fancy words for I’m tired and upset

I understand it’s hard to understand
What a lack of health is like
Because a healthy mind compares
What it knows to what it sees
And a healthy body has limits
But health often returns

Rejoice in your health, if you have it
priveledge isn't shameful on it's own
It's when you add stubborn blinders
When you aren't willing to admit
Your perspective is always limited
And difference is hard for us all.