Tuesday, April 7, 2020

the trump ideology

My goal is to be respectful
Even when I don't understand
If something doesn't harm me
I give distance and tolerance
Much as worship and faith confuse me
And are in conflict with my scientific mind
I can see the worth in religion
The community and structure it brings
The culture and togetherness it fosters
But ideology of a person, I must admit,
That I have a problem with that
Our current president, Trump, 
Is inconsistent in word and action
But still idolized by his following
They have blind faith in this man
And I have come to realize
I don't owe my tollerance to that
I cannot offer it to them or him
I do not see the benefit to his reign
His actions are directly affecting me
And I am not a victim for anyone
In times of harm, I stand up for myself
Whatever power I have, I will wield
I will vote, I will speak, and I will hope
Because none of us deserves him
Not even those blind to his folly.