Friday, April 17, 2020

Are men monsters?

I dreamt I loved a monster
A murderer and dictator
Running an army of his peers
And my lot was so pathetic
I yearned for his abuse
He made his terms clear
I was a servant to his desires
And I was not his only concubine
At best I was sloppy seconds
He expected my worship
And I gave my devotion eagerly
I woke up from this dream
Frustrated by how real it felt
Because I am not the first choice
I am not conventional or subservient
The world's advice to get a man
Is an affront to my feminism
It feels like I have to love a monster
Or learn to live without love
I want to believe my dream is unfair
That men and women are better
But I'm an old, fat, and wierd lady
No longer hopefully find my Prince.