Sunday, August 25, 2019

Nothing special here

Am I a cog in the machine?
I was raised to believe in special
That we all want to stand out
The each of us has value
But in a unique way
And yet I am finding comfort
In my simple everyday
I am not shiney or special
My life is dwindling away
As a tiny component of the whole
My perspective may be different
But my actions are mundane
A supporting member of the chorus
Nothing to be seen here
I've faded into grey
My life isn't over
But it is unexpected
That I blend in.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Compassion instead of blame

You can't propagate compassion
By defining an enemy
The problem with us vs them
Is the barrier it errects
Sometimes you have to see
Through the eyes of priveledge
To understand how to advocate
For the rights of disenfranchised
Admitting that they are losing something
To equalize the playing field
Can be a part of the strategy
To bring them on board
To make us all into us.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Not mine to inflict

Choosing not to ingest unplesantness
Means bad behavior doesn't earn my ire
There is no gain in me inflicting pain
That only teaches others to inflict

It's not mine to inform your life
I can leave, you have to live in you
Shrugging off your look of disdain
My smile comes with me as I turn away

The world is full of choices
And unhappy is certainly an option
But the small rewards in a random smile
Are so much more my style

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Terrible artist

Sometimes persistent
Often patient
Compulsively creative
But not really good

My audience is me
I do cause it feels good
The act of art comforts
The journey is my goal

Yeah, I'm productive
Prolific even
But I don't practice
I don't improve

Not trying for better
Don't care to compete
Not studying masters
Or seeking the masses

I share my art
Like a child showing off
Look at my ugly creation
See the joy it brought me

If you find value
I feel good to share
If you feel distain
I'm not sure I care.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Poor old white men

I'm trying to remember my compassion
As I see your priveledge torn from you
You're knocked down a few pegs
Made equal with those you lord over
Like a spoiled child used to having it all
Suddenly you are forced to share
And that can feel so unfair
But your feeling is a reaction
To sudden equilibrium
The adjustment to a new normal
May feel uncomfortable (for you)
But it is deserved (for us all)
And you will adjust (in time)
What we take from you wasn't yours
It is proper and fair for you to share
So I feel empathy for your angst
But also ritcheous in the outcome.