Saturday, February 24, 2018


I never wanted to be a circus clown
to turn the world upside down
with a laugh and a lark

I always wanted them to see me for my mind
and to think about me anytime
when they heard my true voice

the world is more cruel than this
when it doesn't give you beauties kiss
you watch the rest make headway
while you just wait and pray

is yearning the only kind of fever
that will lead me to the place of furvor
where I'll find bright lights on my face

I don't think it's wrong to yearn for
a little recognition for what I make more
than all the other girls

I'm driven to the page
to write down my thoughts about me
even when the rest don't care
I write wishing for a blank stare

My words are all I have, you see
to connect me to this world around me
I wish you could taste them half as much
as you discard them from your touch.