Friday, November 17, 2017

I choose my attitude

This body didn't come with a return policy
I didn't get to choose its defects
Neither did I choose my circumstances
In how I was raised or where I came from
This is the life I was given

I could lament the randomness
And spend my days bemoaning
Because my life is often not easy
Everyday is tainted by struggles
That don't seem to be the norm

In one way I lucked out
Exposed to two versions of suffering
One who pained all those around her
Another who choose a better attitude
I got to learn there is a choice

I dont want to pass around my pain
And this isnt always an easy achievement
Sometimes discomfort makes me silent
But when I can, I choose plesant
I aim to be a brighter presence

There are things in life
I did not choose and cannot change
But my attitude is not one of those
I decide my small affect on this world
With a smile instead of a grimace.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Same and different

Young people are assholes
Not on purpose, mind you
Their honesty is oblivious
They dont have years of experience
To explain others behavior
They blithely assume
That we are all the same
They are ignorant to difference
Until someone teaches them
That all snowflakes are frozen water
But each one has a unique design
And we humans live in that contrast
Each of us the same and different.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Refuse the hunt

Men are predators
They hunt everyday
Sex is their game
And I dont wanna play

Boys are taught to dominate
Early in their youth
Girls romance about rescue
Despite its ugly truth

I dont blame their nature
But I expect them to be tame
We have a choice in behavior
Respect comes with refrain

I will not blame victims
I will not excuse perpatrators
But perhaps I will shame society
For raising boys into a rapers.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My insides don't match your outsides

I'm told not to compare
Focus on the same, not different
But when I get close to someone
The stories they share are foreign
A world a part from where I live
Are their stories all lies?
Some partial truth hiding harsh reality
Or am I terminally unique?
So special that I really can't relate
I know I'm not the only wierd ever
But I am wierder than most
I romantacize meeting my weird match
Another wierd that sounds familiar
The right amount of wierd, together.