Sunday, May 14, 2017

Malleable memory

Memory is malleable by design
We remember things imagined
Wake up from realistic dreams
This is more than poetic
It is science fact
I am not trying to steal
The truth of things remembered
Because truth isn't fact
We recall the the experience of then
Seen through the understanding of now
My mind wants to believe it's constant
It can't refute the influence of time
It can't see the subtle changes in me
I know NOW like it was always
Caught rapt in the reality of today
My experience does not match yours
It's a distorted window at best
Our very personal perceptions
Woven into a tapestry of experience
Sealed in an ever changing vault
So I try not to let the weight of time
Turn all my memories sour
If I must live with a malliable memory
Then I choose a gentler interpretation
A rose colored hue on my soft focus past.