Thursday, April 20, 2017

Webble wobble

Inner ear ineffective
Unsteadily upright
Firmly flat feet
Waddle wobble walk
Balance broken
Grace goes gone
Dropping down
Suddenly sitting
Pause petulantly
Ready for repeat

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What haves?

I didn't have a picket fence
Or two parents
Or a childhood home
I knew love but not constancy

I did have a loving mother
And thirst for knowledge
And blanket acceptance
I was taught authenticity

The things that make me weird
Nearly balance my normal
I understand what I didn't have
I rejoice in what I did.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Persistently plesant

Sure, nice people are fake
A momentary annoyance hidden
A fleeting judgement repressed
We make an effort to brighten the world
That doesn't happen naturally

The world is a random place
Its easy to find harsh reality
Nice people defy that expectation
We know a smile is infectious
One good apple brightens the bunch

So, yeah, I am persistently pleasant
Like a sunny spot on cool grass
I don't have to try hard
Because my nice is a habit
Something I've cultivated in myself

So I put a smile on
And I encourage the room
Because I like to live in a nice world
And if nice is bad because fake is bad
Then call me bad, but nicely please.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Eating the colors

Putting things in order
A little piece of peace
Candy colors in a row
Eat them by the number

OCD they tease
Observing my routine
as if playing with my food
says something about me

maybe I'm odd
making patterns from chaos
I agree I find comfort
In structure and design

Candies are gone
but I'll do it again
lining up the colors
and eating the pattern

Supposing naught sin

She licked her lower lip
Like there was something to suppose
A question not so often asked
Of chubby girls or loose women
Is it contained between chaste thighs
The sweet innocence of always?
Can knowing what we know
be a woman's wrath at redemption?
The confusion is not within
We know we are both, not other
A sin is only a sin when defined
A lover must be loved by another.