Thursday, March 23, 2017

Oh gender role

Oh men...
The strong ones subjugate
And the weak ones prostrate
And the lack of equanimity
Leaves me at a loss

Oh women...
The powerful ones manipulate
And the quiet ones regulate
We are our own enemy
In the game of equality

Oh me oh my...
At times I'm girly and silly
Or boyish and rough
Or womanly and gentile
Or manly and strong

Oh gender role...
The world is hard enough
Without your restrictive decree
My gender may be female
But my personality is made of me


Fluffy fog
Thick cotton air
Tastes like wet
Smells like cold
The world lacks depth
Eyes strain for distance
Romantic lens
Comedic pratfall

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lazy brain

Dull thud
As the brain gives up
In a fit of lazy

It oozes down
Softly pooling as mushy grey
Undimpled ignorance

Its not natural
A lack of intellectual ciriosity
The synaptic silence

Inertia is inevitable
But comes more quickly
When unchallenged