I'd rather know what's true
That to stubornly act right
I never did understand
How admitting our mistakes
Is taken as weakness
Bravery is asking for more information
Confirming what you do or don't know

I don't live in black and white
Fact is proven theory
But theory can be disproved
Additional minutia can be discovered
A theory can be proven again

The details make a difference
My apple may be green
Your apple may be red
Were both talking about apples
And yet one is tart and the other sweet

If I take a beat
Admit to my limited scope
Review my assumptions
Ask about your apple
Maybe I could learn
Maybe we could communicate

If I still think you're wrong
I can always build my case
Show the proof of my position
Or I could choose to back off
Because it's not my responcibility
To make you right

Knowing what's true often means
Admitting I'm could be wrong
And being open to learning right.

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