Friday, August 28, 2015

Reality is sexy

Mystery doesn't do it for me
Fantasy and role play are so banal
You know what's really rare?
The vulnerable truth

I never did get grown up games
Why we put on a mask
To capture a mate
It's such a fruitless pursuit

Reality seeps in eventually
And there's always a loser
When the one you want
Isn't the one you have

You know what gets me wet?
When my parter opens up
When they show what's real
When I see their exposed belly

There are a million reason
Two people might not match
Why make it harder
With lies and obfuscation

So...I'm gonna be the real me
And keep sorting through the fakers
Hoping to find a sweet and real guy
who'll share his warm vulnerable heart.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No one's punching bag

Words hurt
Like thinly sliced wounds
Like a punch to the gut
Like an unexpected slap

It may be surface
My analogies of pain
But words wounds linger
They are slow to heal

I don't deserve those words
The subtle little stabs
The mean biting jabs
The outright ridicule

I didn't enter into
A loving relatinship
For the mean spirited banter
Who would make that a goal?

I want the sweet words
The kind expression
The gentle forgiving
The abject understanding

I am no one's punching bag
I refuse to launder your frustration
I will not accept your ridicule
It's not my job to suffer you

If that's too much to ask
I cometely understand
I can move on
You can go to hell.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Not normal love

Social discomfort
Mixed with arrousal
Uncertain and akward
Primal courtship begins

Blood rushes downward
Depriving the brain
Flushing nether regions
Urging action

Desire pushes foward
Indecisive movements
Animalistic urges
Push past anxiety

Bodies combined
There is no thought
There is no worry
There is only us

Naked and spent
Aware of the pleaure
Satisfaction derrived
From not normal love.

What I deserve

I deserve to be loved
Publically and openly
I am no one's secret
Refuse to be anyones shame

I deserve to be adored
Not because I'm the ideal
But because I openly adore
The people I love

I deserve to feel secure
To know I am not alone
Not to doubt I am wanted
Or to wonder where I stand

I dont deserve to be compared
To someone that came before
Or to an ideal that doesn't exist
There is no one like me

Maybe I'm not perfect
Maybe we are not perfect
Maybe I want us to be happy
With our imperfect together

I deserve to be the one
Because I AM the one right now
There won't be better
Until I'm gone.