Saturday, July 25, 2015

Its okay not to like me

"You try so hard to be liked"
I've heard this before
A passing observation
Usually given without mallace
But with an undertone of judgement

Translation: "Stop carring what others think"
The funny thing is I don't
I expect that people don't like me
I'm a wierd girl in a nomalized world
I don't have a problem with liking myself
But I'm realistic about others perception

From an early age I was loved
Mother reinforced my self-worth
I am priveledged with self-esteem
My self-love is close to narcissism
How is it that people don't see that?

I think what they see is that I'm nice
They hear me passing love around
Because love is easy for me
I'm not looking for external self worth
I'm looking for external acceptance

Does this mean I care what others think?
Of course! Who doesnt! I'm curious.
Does this mean I will change for others?
Not for strangers. Not for aquaintaces.
But relationships require compromise

I care what the people I love think
I want to know they accept me
I don't want to do things that hurt them
And I can change minor parts of myself
I'm open to conpromise and negotiation

I suppose some of what I do
Is try to give external self worth
Which is kinda silly, I know
I can't make someone love themself
If you must judge, aim for this futility

Dont mistake me, I dont I like everyone
I'm choosy about who I share myself with
I don't think everyone can be my friend
I don't WANT that many friends
I just want the people I love to feel loved

I smile at at strangers so they'll smile
But I don't waste more than a smile
I consider my attention valuable
Investement of my true self is rare
I "try hard" with the ones I "truly love."