Friday, July 31, 2015

End of girlish fantasy

Girls are taught to yearn for a prince
A man to sweep us off our feet
To take us to their priveledged world

I overheard this priveledged man
Argue against government assistance
Argue that poverty is a personality deficit

I listened as he dismissed the poor
As his friends agreed on our lesser worth
I felt impotent in the reality of this prince

My girlish fantasies cracked
Shatter like a looking glass
Under the weight of his words

I'm of the impoverished masses
A pesant born and bred
And I refuse to be seen as lesser

My mundane troubles define me
I can't imagine loving someone
That doesnt understand the same

And, let me not forget,
I'm a woman of feminist ideology
Who isnt looking to be rescued

Reality is a harsh mistress
It doesn't alow us childish games
It took away my fantasy

Fuck the prince and his worldview
I don't need shelter or rescue
...even if I idly miss the idea of it.