Monday, March 30, 2015

Dr. Doctor

Bake me a man
A kind gentle soul
Who doesn't depend
On what the rest know

Spin me a lady
A sweet gentle soul
That sees deep into me
Feels what I know

So much education
Priveledge of health
How they miss me
Blinded by themself

Dr. Doctor
Listens selectively
Sees only the obvious
Compartmentalizes neatly

Science knows what it knows
I don't doubt the facts
But in practice science isn't caring
only a person can do that

Maybe I need more than a doctor
Maybe I need someone to hear
Maybe I want someone to trust
To share this unhealth I bear.


Boys call us crazy
Men doubt our veracity
Doctors send us to therapy
Secretly, they think we lie

Ever evolving emotions
Taken as inconcistancy
We must not know ourselves
If our feelings can change

Ladies don't challenge the norm
Don't question the authority
They think they know us better
Than we know ourselves

So I don't trust them
Because I trust myself
If this is my hysteria
I define it, I defy them.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Want a Partner

I don't need to be saved
I refuse to serve
If I had my way
I'd stand beside

Raised by women
I know feminine power
Didn't realize the divide
Until I dated men

I am not a concubine
Or a doting mother
But I am feminine
A confident woman

We can save each other
We can take turns as slave
Let love reflect respect
Let man be equal with woman.