Reluctant feminist

I wish there was such a thing as a gentle feminist.  A way for me to stand up for gender equality without being confrontational.  I consider myself a powerful woman but  I dont want to live in an angry place.

If I'm honest with myself, there is some anger. A simmering disquiet at the back of my consiousness that speaks to my lack of priveledge.  This anger isn't aimed at men. Heck, I think women are the worst purpotrators at keeping womankind down.

I'm angry at the world and that's the part I hate about being a feminist.  Focusing on the things I can't have doesn't make me feel powerful.  And I don't want to spend my life at war with the world.

I know that great strides have been made by those before me. I am grateful for the laws that are in place to protect my legal rights.  But there is still an uneven social construct.

Men and women are not equal.  There is a priveledge that men have. Huge parts of the working world where women are still a minority. Trying to find our place among men and to be respected on the same level is an uphill battle.  And I'm not sure I'm up for the fight.

I'd rather be quietly poweful. Prove my worth without giving up my feminine traits.  I suppose I fight silently.  Being the best at what I do regardless of my gender.

Like the title says, I reluctantly call myself a feminist.  The definition fits even if the connotation isn't a good fit.

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