Nice atheist.

I am firmly a closeted atheist.  I keep my lack of my belief to myself.  My experience with the devout has shown me that the word atheism is perceived as a challenge.  The quickest way to shut down communication is for me to say, "I'm an atheist."

So often the first question asked about atheists is our morals. Forgetting the fact that I have empathy and am smart enough to see that my actions have consequences, I was raised in the same culture as those around me.  As a child I learned the basic rules to living amongst other humans.  As an adult the law filled in any blanks.

Humans are social creatures that create structure around themseleves. Some atheist are anti-religion but, personaly, I don't think we can blame religion for the all the ill in the world any more than we can blame the goverment.  People create these social structures and people are at fault for the ill in the world.

The idea of God or a spiritual life brings me no comfort but I can regognize how these things could give comfort to others.  I consider myself religious tollerant and wish to "coexist".  Some might think my position patronizing but I'd argue that I am no more patronizing than two disparate faiths being respectful.

I'm not fighting for the rights of other atheists.  The truth is, I like our pluralistic world where differing viewpoints exist.  The one thing I can't stand about religion is indoctrination and I refuse to be a part of any atheist movement that is trying to convert the world.

I like to think of myself as a nice atheist.  The things that us humans do or don't believe give us comfort.  I don't want to ruin or change anyone's world view, as long as what they believe doesn't directly impact me.

So, to all you believers out there, I swear I'm not out to ruin your world.  I just want to be true to what's in my heart.  I think that is something we have in common, if you can see past what makes us diffrent.

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