Thursday, December 4, 2014

Trying not to engage

There is no win
No approval to be had
So often you're wrong
Which you rarely admit

I think this is about you
You're mad at yourself
And I'm just present
For your rampant disapproval

Why do I care?
You're anger is so silly
So useless in its purpose
It's not like it improves you

Except I am present
And aware of your ire
I feel it infect those around me
I feel it infect myself

The discomfort you spread
Is so fickle and unfair
I didn't earn it
I don't deserve it

I try not to engage
Duck my head once again
Make the best of things
Until I have other options.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It's not my job to make you feel like a man
I'm not going to be less smart
Or make less money
Or hide my strength
So that you can feel superior

Submissive isn't who I am
I don't have sex to make you happy
I have sex for the orgasm
I'm looking for my fulfillment
For my my gratification
I'm selfish like a man

Happy spinster
With my electric vibrator
Not gonna be less of myself
Not gonna play a gender role
For the chance to hook a man
And his conditional love

I'd be so much more likely
To wanna put your dick in my mouth
If you adored my personality
If you loved all my flaws
If you let me be in control
And sex was about me.